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TOP 100

At Austin Under the Stars Film Festival, we believe in creating a truly unique showcase for filmmakers and screenwriters to share their work with the world. Our live festival showcasing a variety of genres, features, music videos, documentaries,  even trailers with over 30 awards, filmmaker Q&As, and an audience choice award. AUTS is definitely worth submitting to. Don't miss your chance to have your work seen and rated in a Top 100 Best Reviewed Festival!


LAUTS Laurels

At LA Under the Stars Film Festival, we bring together filmmakers, fans and industry professionals from all over the world to celebrate the power of film. Held in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, this event has attracted a massive following and sold out every screening.  Whether you’re a filmmaker, a film buff, or just looking for a fun night out, come take a trip to Los Angeles and see why LA Under the Stars is rated in the TOP 100 Best Reviewed Festivals.

Austin Spotlight laurels

At Austin Spotlight Film Festival, we want to give independent filmmakers the recognition they deserve. Dedicated to celebrating the creativity of independent filmmakers, and providing a stage for their stories to be shared. This festival is less formal, with an atmosphere of support and encouragement for all of our filmmakers & screenwriters. Everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight.

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