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What is the selection process?

We have a panel of 12 international judges (Austin, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bangladesh, Ecuador). Each entry is rated by at least 8 of those 12 judges. Only entries rated cumulative 8.0 (out of 10) or higher are considered for the festival. 

I missed the final deadline. Can I still submit my project?

We offer deadline waivers, but no fee waivers. We can offer a waiver code if programming is not finalized, but you will be required to pay the Last Call submission rate. 

Will you notify entries before the notification date? 

The notification date is the last possible day we notify entrants. We try to notify 30 days prior to the event to accommodate travel plans. 

What comes will my selection?

In addition to screening your project or discussing your screenplay, selections receive 1 VIP badge to the entire festival, official selection laurels, eligibility for 30+ awards, & promotion across our social media & website. 

Can you recommend hotel accommodations? 

Hyatt North Central - mention Austin Under the Stars for a discount.

What if I don't have a poster, will you still promote my film or screenplay? 

Of course! We list all selections on our website. Posters & promotional art should be updated on the FilmFreeway account prior to submitting. If you do not have a poster or promotional art, we will create a default image to post on our social media accounts. Please do not send us an updated poster after the selection date. 

Where can I get “Official Selection” laurels?

The link is in your selection email.


Where can I get “Winner” laurels?

The link is in your winner email.

Where do I find the other nominees?

All nominees will be posted under the awards tab once selections are finalized.  


Where do I find the award winners?

All awards will be posted under the awards tab one week after the annual festival.


How many days is the festival?

1 day.

Is there a livestream or virtual festival? 

We are a live event only. We respect the exclusivity of our premieres & selections. If theaters are open, we are hostin'!

Where can I find the schedule?


Do I get free passes with my selection?

Each selection gets 1 VIP badge to the entire festival. We require all other attendees purchase a ticket. In addition to funding the venue, proceeds go to Autism Society of Texas. 

How do I RSVP?

Simply reply that you are attending in your selection email. We will have a guestlist with all attending filmmakers, screenwriters, & ticket confirmations.

Will you coordinate & provide updates to my attending guest?

We request that you keep any & all of your guests informed. We are very diligent about informing our selections of any schedule changes. For more constant updates, guests can follow us on social media.

What is the seating arrangement? 

Seats are first come, first serve. Please arrive early if you wish to sit with your family & friends. 

Will there be a Q&A? 

Filmmaker/Screenwriter Q&A's will take place following each block. 

Will there be an award ceremony?

Yes! We will announce winners immediately following the last screening/Q&A. 

I cannot find my selection email. Is there a different way to get it?

We send emails via FilmFreeway, but will also follow up with a personal selection email via If you did not receive a notification, please check your spam folder. If you are still unable to locate it, we will re-send it.


Is there a dress code?

Only our staff is required to dress formal. There will be a professional photographer, red carpet, & a step-and-repeat banner, but feel free to dress however you like.


I won an award, but I did not attend or I left before the award ceremony. Can you mail it to me?

We request that everyone stay for the award ceremony. We do not mail out awards. We will email a digital copy. 


I received an email that requested a downloadable version of my film. I wanted to change some things (color, sound, etc). Is that possible?

You have 1 week from the selection date to button up your entry. If we have not received a downloadable version by that date, you will be disqualified. If you lengthen the duration of your project, you will be disqualified.



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