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What is the selection process?

Our selection process involves a panel of 12 international judges, located in various cities including Austin, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bangladesh, and Ecuador. Each entry is evaluated by a minimum of 8 of these 12 judges. Only entries that receive a cumulative rating of 8.0 or higher (out of 10) are considered for inclusion in the festival.

I missed the final deadline. Can I still submit my project?

While we offer deadline waivers, please note that we do not offer fee waivers. If your programming is not finalized, we can provide a waiver code, but you will be required to pay the Last Call submission rate.

Will you notify entries before the notification date?

Our notification date is the final date on which we inform entrants. However, we strive to notify entrants approximately 30 days prior to the event to accommodate travel plans.

What do I receive with my selection?

As a selected participant, you will receive a 1 Day Badge for the day of your screening, official selection laurels, eligibility for over 30 awards, and promotion across our social media and website.

Can you recommend hotel accommodations?

Consider staying at the Lone Star Court, which offers "outdoor activities, lawn games, complimentary bicycles, fire pits, an outdoor swimming hole, and more."

What if I don't have a poster? Will you still promote my film or screenplay?

Absolutely! All selections are listed on our website. Please ensure that you have updated posters and promotional art on your FilmFreeway account before submitting. If you don't have a poster or promotional art, we will create a default image for our social media accounts. Please refrain from sending updated posters after the selection date.

Where can I get "Official Selection" laurels?

You will find a link to download "Official Selection" laurels in your selection email.

Where can I get "Winner" laurels?

The link to download "Winner" laurels can be found in your winner email.

Where do I find the other nominees?

All nominees will be posted under the selections tab once selections are finalized.

Where do I find the award winners?

All award winners will be listed under the selections tab one week after the annual festival.

I cannot find my selection email. Is there a different way to get it?

We send emails through FilmFreeway, but we also follow up with a personal selection email via If you haven't received a notification, please check your spam folder. If you still can't locate it, we will be happy to resend it.

I received an email requesting a downloadable version of my film. I want to make some corrections (color, sound, etc.). Is that possible?

You have one week from the selection date to make any necessary adjustments to your entry. If we haven't received a downloadable version by that date, your entry may be disqualified. Please note that lengthening the duration of your project may also result in disqualification.

How are the awards decided?

All awards, except for the Audience Choice, are determined before our selection notifications. We calculate the judges' cumulative scores and hold deliberations to settle any tie-breakers.



How many days is the festival?

The festival spans two days, taking place on Saturday, October 21st, and Sunday, October 22nd.

Do you offer travel accommodations?

Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to provide travel or hotel bookings for selected participants.

Is there a livestream or virtual festival?

We exclusively host live events and do not offer a livestream or virtual festival. We value the exclusivity of our premieres and selections. If theaters are open, we are hostin'.

Where can I find the schedule?

Schedule Link

Do I get free passes with my selection?

Film selections receive a 1 Day Badge for the day of their screening (either Day 1 or Day 2). Screenplay selections receive a complimentary pass to our Feature Block (Screening C). The Award Ceremony is open to everyone. All other attendees are required to purchase a ticket. The proceeds from ticket sales benefit the Autism Society of Texas.

How do I RSVP?

Simply respond to our RSVP form. We will maintain a guestlist with all attending filmmakers, screenwriters, and ticket confirmations. Upon your arrival, we'll have a guestlist of all attendees. If someone is picking up a badge on your behalf, please ensure they mention your name at the ticketing counter. We kindly request that you keep your guests informed. We are diligent about informing our selections of any schedule changes. For more frequent updates, your guests can follow us on social media.


Is there food at the theater?

The theater offers typical movie refreshments like hot dogs, popcorn, beer, and wine. Alternatively, you can explore nearby restaurants in the Southwest Lake Creek area. We recommend Midori for sushi lovers and Chuy's for Tex-Mex enthusiasts. The Southwest Lake Creek shopping center is also within walking distance.

Is there a dress code?

Only our staff is required to dress formally. While we will have a professional photographer, a red carpet, and a step-and-repeat banner, feel free to dress however you like.

Will there be Red Carpet Photos?

Absolutely! -- Capture memorable moments on the red carpet; our photographer will be available for photos between screenings. All pictures will be shared on our website within a week of the festival.

What is the seating arrangement?

Seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you wish to sit with your family and friends, we recommend arriving early.

What is the content rated? 

Some mature content (R-rated) is included in the program. We kindly request that attendees under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult. While applause and laughter are encouraged, please refrain from talking or texting during the screenings. We take pride in our selections and reserve the right to remove any disruptive attendees.

How do I participate in the Q&A Sessions? 

After each screening, a brief Q&A session will take place. Screenplays will be featured in Block C. Film Q&A sessions will follow their respective blocks. If you are associated with the film or screenplay, join us on the stage & tell us more about the project! 

Will there be an award ceremony?

We will announce the award winners at the conclusion of the festival, immediately following Screening F. The Award Ceremony is open to all attendees. We kindly request that all award recipients stay for the award ceremony. We do not mail out physical awards, but we will email you a digital copy.


How do the Award Choice Trophies work? 

We give out 6 trophies for Audience Choice. 1 per block. The voting link will exclusively be shared with attendees. Please note that votes from individuals not on the guestlist will be disqualified. 


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